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Augmented Reality in Sport Scenarios Using Cameras Mounted on a Tripod

In this paper we address the problem of inserting virtual content in a video sequence. The method we propose uses just image information. We perform primitive tracking, camera calibration, real and virtual camera synchronisation and finally rendering to insert the virtual content in the real video sequence. To simplify the calibration step we assume that […]

Morphological Thick Line Center Detection

Thick line center and width estimation are important problems in computer vision. In this paper, we analyze this issue in real situations where we have to deal with some additional difficulties, such as the thick line distortion produced by interlaced broadcast video cameras or large shaded areas in the scene. We propose a technique to […]

Parallel Implementation of a Robust Optical Flow Technique

The accuracy and performance of current variational optical flow methods have considerably increased during the last years. The complexity of these techniques is high and enough care has to be taken for the implementation. The aim of this work is to present a comprehensible implementation of recent variational optical flow methods. We start with an […]

Excellence awards gained within the framework of our close collaboration with the R&D company QAISC

Two QAISC researchers, Sergio Ballines Barrera and Jonay Suárez Ramírez, that participates in the research line led by our CTIM member, Nelson Monzón, have been awarded for their academic excellence this past Wednesday. In particular, they have stood out for their qualifications in their master’s and degree studies, respectively, and the quality of their final degree projects carried out […]

Aplicaciones del análisis matemático a la visión por ordenador

La visión por computador es una de los principales desafios en el terreno del procesado de señales. Intentamos añadir mejoras a este tipo de tareas.

Aplicación de las ecuaciones diferenciales al tratamiento de imágenes

El procesamiento digital de imágenes es el conjunto de técnicas que se aplican a las imágenes digitales con el objetivo de mejorar la calidad o facilitar la búsqueda de información.