Augmented Reality in Sport Scenarios Using Cameras Mounted on a Tripod

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Alemán Flores, Miguel , Alvarez León, Luis Miguel

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Henríquez Castellano, Pedro; Trujillo Pino, Agustín

Línea de investigación:

Análisis biométrico



Tipo de publicación:

Reporte técnico


Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Palabras claves:

Augmented Reality, Graphic Insertion, Camera Calibration









In this paper we address the problem of inserting virtual content in a video sequence. The method we propose uses just image information. We perform primitive tracking, camera calibration, real and virtual camera synchronisation and finally rendering to insert the virtual content in the real video sequence. To simplify the calibration step we assume that cameras are mounted on a tripod (which is a common situation in practise). The primitive tracking procedure, which uses lines and circles as primitives, is performed by means of a CART (Classification and Regression Tree). Finally, the virtual and real camera synchronisation and rendering is performed using functions of OpenGL (Open Graphic Library). We have applied the method proposed to sport event scenarios, specifically, soccer matches. In order to illustrate its performance, it has been applied to real HD (High Definition) video sequences. The quality of the proposed method is validated by inserting virtual elements in such HD video sequence.

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