• AMILab

    AMILab is a free open-source software for image processing and visualization. It has been developed as a generic tool which contains its own scripting language and an automatic wrapping system to integrate C++ classes.

    AMILab contains several modules (or scripts) for different tasks such as segmentation, visualization, noise reduction, etc .... It  can also handle volumetric datasets.

    Example of the Volume Rendering Interface (based on VTK)

  • Glob3 Mobile

    Glob3 Mobile is an open source 3D multiplattform virtual globe engine, running in mobile devices (Android and Apple) and in HTML5 web browsers. In this first version, it allows to connect to any OGC WMS public layer, and show it on the globe.


  • Radial Distortion Correction of Sports Video Sequences

    This software automatically corrects the radial distortion from sports video sequences. These sequences have been captured by using cameras provided with wide-angle lenses in order to cover the whole playing field.

    For the purpose of correcting the distortion, the presented software estimates the lens distortion model from a single frame. Afterward, the whole sequence is corrected by applying the obtained model. For the extraction of the frames and the later reconstruction of the video sequence, we use the well-known software FFmpeg.

  • Serious Games

    The main contribution of this software is to design and add some functionalities to the games in order to transform them in serious games, that is, in games with learning and educational purposes. To do that, at the beginning of the game, players choose one or several topics and during the game, players have to anwers questions on these topics in order to move their markers.

    We choose classic board games because a lot of people are familiar with them so it is very easy to start to play without wasting time learning game rules and, we think that this is an important element to make the game more attractive to people. To enlarge the number of potential users we have implement the games just using html and javascript and the games can be used in any web browser, in any computer (including tablets) , in any computer arquitecture (Windows, Mac, Linux) and no internet/server conexion is required. Associated software is distributed under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 licence and can be obtained at



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