Lines of Research

  • Biometric analysis

    Biometrics is the study of automated methods for recognizing humans based onunique one or more intrinsic physical or behavioral traits.

    The "biometric information" is the application of mathematical and statistical techniques on physical or behavioral traits of an individual, to "verify" identities or to "identify" individuals.

  • Partial differential equations in image processing

    The digital image processing is the set of techniques applied to digital images in order to improve quality or facilitate the search for information.

  • Optical flow

    The computation of the optical flow in a sequence of images is a basic topic in the field of computer vision. It is the basis for a wide range of applications, such as: stereoscopic vision and three-dimensional scene reconstruction, motion analysis of objects in image sequences, medical image analysis, robot guidance and collision detection, among others. It consists in the estimation of the displacement experienced by objects in a scene from an image sequence. Our research center has spent many years working on this subject and has specialized in variational techniques. Such techniques are especially useful for optical flow estimation. These are currently among the most precise techniques that are known.

  • Stereoscopic and three-dimensional reconstruction of scenes

    Stereoscopic vision is the system that can capture the depth of a scene through a pair of related cameras. It has received much attention from the scientific community and has a special relevance, since it is equivalent to the human visual system. When we have two calibrated cameras that obtain images of a scene, then it is possible to know the 3D position of objects in space. It covers different topics such as: camera calibration, finding correspondences between images (similar to the problem of optical flow estimation) and three-dimensional reconstruction.

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