A variational approach to camera motion smoothing



Line of Research



In this paper we deal with camera motion smoothing. We focus our attention on the case of video cameras mounted on a tripod. In such case, for each time t of the video sequence, camera motion configuration is provided by parameters : (1) P(t) (PAN) which represents the tripod vertical axis rotation, (2) T(t) (TILT) which represents the tripod horizontal axis rotation and (3) Z(t) (CAMERA ZOOM) the camera lens zoom setting. From these 3 parameter functions we can easily deduce (using tripod information), for each time t the camera calibration, that is, the camera intrinsic and extrinsic parameters which determine the position of the camera in the 3D space and the way 3D objects are projected in the camera projection plane (the CCD in the case of digital cameras).