Morphological snakes

Authors: Alvarez, Luis; Baumela, Luis; Henríquez Castellano, Pedro; Marquez, Pablo
Line of Research: Image boundary analysis and applications
Year: 2010
Type of Publication: In Proceedings
Book title: IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR2010)
Month: Junio
Active contours, or snakes, are computer-generated curves that move within images to find out salient image structures like object boundaries. Energy based formulations using a level set approach have been successfully used to model the snake evolution. The Euler-Lagrange equation associated to such energies yields to partial differential equations (PDE) which are usually solved using level set methods which involve contour distance function estimation and standard methods to discretize the PDE. In this paper, we propose a morphological approach to snake evolution. First, we observe that the differential operators used in the standard PDE snake models can be approached using morphological operations. By combining the morphological operators associated to the PDE components we achieve a new morphological approach to the PDE snakes evolution. This new approach is based on numerical methods which are very simple and fast. Moreover, since the level set is just a binary piecewise constant function, this approach does not require to estimate a contour distance function to define the level set. To illustrate the results obtained with the proposed approach we present some numerical experiments on real images.