Forecasting and visualization of wildfires in a 3D geographical information system

Authors: Castrillón, M.; Jorge, P. A.; López, I. J.; Macías, A.; Martín, D.; Nebot, R. J.; Sabbagh, I.; Quintana, F. M.; Sánchez Pérez, Javier; Sánchez, A. J.; Suárez, J. P.; Trujillo Pino, Agustín
Line of Research: Land visualization
Year: 2011
Type of Publication: Article
Keywords: Wildfire forecasting
Journal: Computers & Geosciences
Volume: 37
Number: 3
Pages: 390 - 396
ISSN: 0098-3004
Geoinformatics for Environmental Surveillance - StatGIS Pebesma