The facilities that make up the Center are located in Tafira Campus, about 4 kilometres southwest of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria city. There are two buildings housing the Center activities: the Electronics and Telecommunications Building (red marker), and the Computer Science and Mathematics Building (green marker):


From Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

The best way to get to the CTIM facilities from Las Palmas is using public transportation. There are two bus companies serving Tafira Campus: Guaguas Municipales and Global.

  • Route 25 (Guaguas Municipales): this route travels the city from north to south, riding through the main spots. It departs from Las Arenas Shopping Center (yellow marker) and runs through José Mesa y López Commercial Area, Ciudad Jardín Residential Area and the surroundings of Vegueta-Triana Old Town, prior to heading for University Campus:

  • Route 327 (Global): this route makes a trip similar to route 25, having its departure point in Santa Catalina Bus Station (yellow marker). It rides along the city waterfront, making a stop at San Telmo Main Station, from where it heads for the University Campus (green marker):

  • Other routes: Global runs two secondary routes,326 and 328, which depart from San Telmo Main Station (red marker in the map above), from where they head for the Campus on a trip similar to route 327.

From the Airport

If you need to get to the CTIM facilities from the Airport, you will need to get route 60, which reaches San Telmo Main Station (red marker in the map above). From there you may get any route out of 326, 327 or 328, in order to get to the Campus.

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