Imaging Technology Center duties are those set for R&D Centers by the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (ULPGC) statutes and, in particular, to coordinate the research activities of the Research Groups and Individual Researchers that make it up. Specifically:

  1. To promote and perform works of scientific, technical, humanistic or artistic nature, in accordance with the provisions of article 83 of the LOU law, expanded in articles 145 and 158 of these statutes and in the basic regulations set under the protection of article 68.1 of the LOU.
  2. To stimulate and boost the scientific and methodological update of its members.
  3. To approve and manage its own financial resources, in accordance with any established legal restriction.
  4. To develop and modify its own regulations, which must be approved by the Government Council of the ULPGC.
  5. To develop, approve and make public its annual report of activities, and to keep an updated registry of the scientific, technical and artistic production activities performed within the scope of the R&D Center.
  6. To keep an updated inventory of its capital goods, equipment and facilities. Inventory updates shall be included in the annual report.
  7. To promote the development of specialization teachings and specific formation activities.
  8. Any other functions and tasks specifically attributed by the ULPGC statutes.