CTIM Logo Creation


The CTIM has completed the process of creating its logo. It has been a participatory process, in which several members have proposed different ideas, reaching a total of 29 logos. The winning logo was proposed by Pedro Henriquez.

This logo is circular in shape, with a continuous semicircle at the bottom, which is then discretized in the form of pixels. The second logo was also proposed by Pedro Henríquez, with an appearance similar to the above but with a finer gradient between the continuous and discrete. The third was an improvement proposed by Karl Krissian and Carlos Falcón, who introduced an ellipse around the logo.

The voting result for this first phase can be viewed at the following link: Vote logos.

After an internal debate, we discussed various improvements ​​to the logo. We decided to fill the gap between the square and the edge of the circle for the first logo, and adopted the idea of ​​using the surrounding ellipse. The second logo was discarded because it contained details that are difficult to maintain at different resolutions. In the end, we proposed three variations of the logo and made a final vote. The elected logo was the third one with the ellipse.