Strategic Plan 2011-2013

The working commission has devised the Strategic Plan for the years 2011-2013. To define this plan, the commission has followed a methodology based on the SWOT analysis. It raises a number of objectives and strategies that are aimed at consolidating the Centre in the field of image technologies. The primary mission of the CTIM is to promote and organize R & D activities to the benefit of its members, the university community and society in general.

Given the recent creation of the CTIM, the priority that arises with this strategic plan is the consolidation of the Centre through the cohesion and integration of its groups. The aim is the union of the groups in one center, resulting in synergies that contribute to improved results.

For a longer period of time, the main objective is to establish the basis for creating a reference organization at the regional level. It proposes to establish mechanisms to increase collaboration with external entities and contribute to the effective transfer of knowledge. It also seeks to gain sufficient critical mass to provide greater coverage of services that the Center can offer.

On April 14, the strategic plan was presented to the members of the Center.