Remote Sensing Book published in John Wiley and Sons Ltd

The book, SAR Image Analysis - A Computational Statistics Approach: With R Code, Data, and Applications, by Alejandro. C. Frery, Jie Wu and Luis Gomez, has been published and it is now available in the link,,alejandro-frery-jie-wu-luis-9781119795292

This book describes, in a practical manner, how to use statistics to extract information from SAR imagery. It covers models, supplies data and code, and discusses theoretical aspects which are relevant to practitioners. It provides a unified vision of the field.

The Preface has been written by prestigious scholars from several areas of research (Image Processing, Remote Sensing and Statistics),

- Luis Alvarez, PhD

Full Professor

CTIM, Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

- Paolo Gamba, PhD

Full Professor of Telecommunications and Remote Sensing

University of Pavia, Italy

- Xiangrong Zhang, PhD

Full Professor of School of Artificial Intelligence

Xidian University, China

- Nelson D. A. Mascarenhas, PhD

Universidade Federal de São Carlos | UFSCar · Departamento de Computação (DComp)