CTIM members participate in the R&D project “Smart Coast AI solutions for tourism 4.0”

CTIM members are participating in the project “Smart Coast AI solutions for tourism 4.0”  that is led by the company Qualitas Artificial Intelligence and Science (www.qaisc.com) with the collaboration of the hotels groups Anfi del Mar and Radisson Blu.

The objective of “Smart Coast AI solutions for tourism 4.0” is to develop a new range of products and services based on artificial intelligence aligned with the RIS3 priority of “Intelligent tourism leadership: Improving the competitiveness and productivity of tourism in Canarias”.

The new products and services that the project aims to bring to the market include important  innovations in science (e.g. new AI methods related to automatic scene interpretation and content preparation), technology (e.g. edge & cloud computing solutions to address distance related challenges and allow stricter data privacy and security in agreement with Europe´s General Data Protection Regulation) and marketing (e.g. the design of new marketing communication tools to support private and public institutions in their needs), thus increasing the visibility, profitability and consolidation of the services offered to tourism and helping shape an attractive new digital image of the destination.

The activities of the project are carried out in Mogan Municipality inside the “Smart Coast AI Lab for tourism”, a R+D ecosystem created back in 2020 with the leadership of QAISC, with participation of ANFI DEL MAR and RADISSON BLU and with participation of our scientific group. The four partners share the vision of shaping a new value proposition under the brand “Smart Coast AI Solutions for intelligent tourism” and have a measurable impact and success in promoting the facilities of the partners.

The project has started in July 2021 and will go until October 2022 with the support of the Ministry of Economy, Knowledge and Employment of the Canary Government.