Member of CTIM gets a patent approval for a Computer-controlled Electronic System

Dr. Luis Gomez Déniz (Head of CTIM, University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria ), Dr. Rafael Socas Gutiérrez (Telefónica Spain), and D. Saúl Robaina Hernández (Centro de Investigación Tecnológico y Científico de I+D+I, Stem de Canarias) got the definitive approval of patent (P201700137) of a Computer-controlled Electronic System to automatically weigh light aircrafts and transmit data wireless to a mobile device.

The innovations rely on several issues, among them, the ability of the system to automatically detect the position of loads in the plane (passengers and payload/luggage), correctly weigh them and transmit data wireless to user (pilot or ground base station) for a safer estimation of aircraft gravity center, required for the execution of safe flight maneuvers (at landing or taking-off operations or during cruise flight stages). This new system uses a set of smart sensors, a microcontroller, and a wireless device and, it avoids manual operations used by present systems (sometimes done by rough estimates of weighing even by visual inspection).

Additionally, the system provides an invaluable security system for light aircrafts due to the real-time location of the plane through the cellular public network.