PhD viva of CTIM member Daniel Santana-Cedrés

On April 22nd 2016, was held the PhD viva by the PhD candidate Daniel Santana-Cedrés, who presented the thesis titled “Analysis, Estimation and Correction of the Lens Distortion in Images and Video. Applications to Computer Vision.” This work has been supervised by Professor Luis Álvarez León. The thesis committee was composed by:

  • Tomeu Coll (UIB, Baleares)
  • Miguel Alemán Flores (ULPGC)
  • Pablo G. Tahoces (USC, Galicia)
  • José Miguel Buenaposada (URJC, Madrid)
  • Luis Gómez (ULPGC)

This work has been marked with the highest qualification, sobresaliente Cum Laude.

PDF of the thesis document

Interview in a local radio (in Spanish)