• LIDAR point cloud classification

  • Terrain visualization

  • Remote sensing

  • Augmented reality

  • Emergency management systems

  • Medical imaging

  • Mobile devices development

  • Stereoscopic vision

  • Motion analysis

Accepted paper in "Remote Sensing"
Saturday, 09 February 2019 21:02

The paper,"Statistical Properties of an Unassisted Image Quality Index for SAR Imagery", by Luis Gomez, Raydonal Ospina and, Alejandro C. Frery, has been accepted for publication in Remote Sensing (in press).This paper is part of the work in cooperation with Prof. Alejandro Frery (LaCCAN—Laboratório de Computação Científica e Análise Numérica, Universidade Federal de Alagoas, Maceió, Brazil) and Dr. Raydonal Ospina (Departamento de Estatística. Universidade Federal de Pernambuco, Recife, Brazil) and was originated in the context of the several short research stays at Universidade Federal de Alagoas, Maceió (Brazil) by Dr. Luis Gomez.Remote Sensing is an indexed Journal with Impact Factor of 3.406 (according to Journal Citation Reports).http://www.mdpi.com/journal/remotesensing

Accepted paper in IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Letters (GRSL)
Thursday, 10 January 2019 09:39

The paper titled "Supervised Classification of Fully PolSAR Images Using Active Contour Models", has been accepted for being published in the next issue of the IEEE Journal Geoscience and Remote Sensing Letters (GRSL). This is a joint work of researchers of CTIM and Rachid Deriche, Research Director at Inria Sophia Antipolis, France...

New Software for Radial Distortion Correction of Sports Video Sequences
Friday, 19 October 2018 12:55

We have published a new software which allows the radial distortion correction of sports video sequences. This program estimates the lens distortion model from a single frame. Afterward, the whole sequence is corrected by applying the obtained model. For the extraction of the frames and the later reconstruction of the video sequence, we use the well-known software FFmpeg...

Member of CTIM invited to lecture at CONAE (Comisión Nacional de Actividades Espaciales)
Wednesday, 10 October 2018 09:37

The Director of the CTIM, Dr. Luis Gómez Déniz, participated in the "Escuela de Primavera en Teledetección" (Spring Courses in Teledetection), celebrated in Córdoba (Argentina), September 2018, as lecturer in two courses, "Assessment of Despeckling Filters" and "Classification of PolSAR Images using Difussion-Reaction Systems". He also participated in several workshops and technical debates.The "Escuela de Primavera en Teledetección" has been organized by the "Instituto de Altos Estudios Espaciales, Mario Gulich" (Advanced Space Research, Mario Gulich), and celebrated at CONAE (Comisión Nacional de Actividades Espaciales de la República Argentina).The celebration of this event was closely related to the recent satellite launched SAOCOM-1A (Satélite Argentino de Observación Con Microondas) on October 7th.Both courses were related to the research developed in the AMI group jointly with Prof. Alejandro Frery (University of Maceió, Brazil).More information about the event can be found in this link...

Member of CTIM awarded as Best Reviewer for IEEE-JSTARS
Sunday, 05 August 2018 19:24

Dr. Luis Gómez, Head of CTIM, has been recently awarded as the Best Reviewer of the IEEE-JSTARS (Journal of Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observations and Remote Sensing, JCR: 2.777). The recognition was received personally during the IEEE-IGARSS (Valencia, SPAIN, 22-27 July) from the Editor-in-Chief of JSTARS, Dra...

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