Optical Flow Estimation with Consistent Spatio-temporal Coherence Models

Authors: Sánchez Pérez, Javier; Salgado de la Nuez, Agustín J.; Monzón López, Nelson
Line of Research: Optical flow
Year: 2013
Type of Publication: In Proceedings
Keywords: Optical Flow, Variational Methods, PDE, Temporal Coherence
Volume: 2
Pages: 366-370
Organization: INSTICC - Institute for Systems and Technologies of Information, Control and Communication
ISBN: 9789898565471
In this work we propose a new variational model for the consistent estimation of motion fields. The aim of this work is to develop appropriate spatio-temporal coherence models. In this sense, we propose two main contributions: a nonlinear flow constancy assumption, similar in spirit to the nonlinear brightness constancy assumption, which conveniently relates flow fields at different time instants; and a nonlinear temporal regular ization scheme, which complements the spatial regularization and can cope with piecewise continuous motion fields. These contributions pose a congruent variational model since all the energy terms, except the spatial regularization, are based on nonlinear warpings of the flow field. This model is more general than its spatial counterpart, provides more accurate solutions and preserves the continuity of optical flows in time. In the experimental results, we show that the method attains better results and, in particular, it considerably improves the accuracy in the presence of large displacements.